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Extration techniques

Buonamici Extra-virgin Organic Oil is produced with extraordinary care. The best olives are picked at the correct point of ripeness and processed using the most modern and innovative extraction technologies. The olives are harvested before they are completely ripe and cold pressed within 12 hours.

The reduced oxidation extraction process uses innovative vacuum technology which allows the olives’ rich biophenol content to be transferred into the oil. This gives a very low acidity oil with aromas of fresh-cut grass, artichoke and aromatic herbs, and with an unforgettable flavour.  

Years of research in collaboration with the University of Florence and the Azienda Speciale of the Florence Chamber of Commerce have enabled Azienda Buonamici to attain its main objective: transferring into the oil the natural antioxidants present in the olives, thus obtaining a product that not only tastes delicious but has significant health benefits.

The care taken in producing the olives along with the high-tech processing in the press have meant that the quality of the oil has been recognised by numerous national and international prizes.