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Fiesole Florence ITALY

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The Azienda Agricola Buonamici was set up in 1991 by brother and sister Cesare and Cesara Buonamici with the aim of continuing the long family tradition of olive oil production. The farm is situated on the beautiful hills of Fiesole where the olive has been cultivated for centuries and where a combination of the correct altitude, suitable soil, farming skills and business flair come together to produce oils of the highest quality.

Cesare Buonamici, the owner of Azienda Buonamici is convinced that organic methods help to protect the health of the environment and to preserve precious and non-renewable resources such as soil, air and water. Years of research into oil production, in collaboration with scientific partners including the Chemical Laboratory of the Florence Chamber of Commerce and T.E.M., owned by Giorgio Mori, have allowed him to attain his main objective: transferring into the oil the wealth of biophenols present in the olive, giving a product that not only tastes good but has powerful health-giving properties.

Cesara Buonamici is a well-known journalist who dedicates as much of her time as she can to the family business. Like her brother she is convinced that organic farming methods are the way to combine healthy food production with  respect for the land that produces it.