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Fiesole Florence ITALY

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Organic oil production

For generations the Buonamici family has been producing award-winning extra-virgin olive oil on its farm at Montebeni in the hills of Fiesole, overlooking the beautiful historic city of Florence. Every phase of production, from olive growing to harvesting and pressing, is carried out using the most advanced technology available. Over recent years the firm has completely modernised everything from equipment to buildings and production technology.

The olive press

The olives are grown organically and are carefully tended at every stage of growth until they are harvested.
The beautiful granite grindstones (still on display) have been replaced by a press that is one of the most technologically advanced currently available. Exceptionally high quality is achieved through controlled cold pressing, the main phases of crushing and grinding in vacuum conditions, extraction without the use of water, together with a profound understanding of olive oil. This process also enables the transfer of the olives’ natural biophenols into the oil.
 Buonamici oil is clear with a lovely intense green colour; on the nose it is refined and complex, rich in green notes of freshly mown grass with elegant fruity aromas of white apple and citrus.
Its flavour is rich and full, with hints of wild herbs, artichoke and cardoon.  Tangy and spicy flavours with an almond aftertaste. The high biophenol content gives this extra-virgin high quality oil its healthgiving properties.